Seven Basics Every Man Needs In His Closet For Summer

Fellas, summer is here and that means it’s time to step up your apparel game. Summer is the time for stuntin’ on the boardwalk and living up the nightlife that your city has to offer. Exclusive clothing from The Superior Gang can keep you looking fly all summer long with the latest trends, and we’d like to tell you about a few items that every brother should have on hand. We’ve pinpointed seven staple items to keep stocked in your wardrobe so you’re ready for any occasion this summer.  

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets and dope windbreakers are the perfect way to make a statement. These jackets are ideal for summer nights because they offer protection from the wind without making you sweat. Check out this Yeezy Tour Bomber Jacket that Kanye himself has sported, or this Supreme and North Face collaboration jacket.

Plain Tee

The Superior Gang offers tons of graphic tees, but sometimes you just need something basic to layer for summer. Check out this curved-hem t-shirt collection for our most basic tees. Or for something a little fresher, check out this Longline Sidecut Zipper Tee.

Graphic Crewneck 

Okay, you have your plain tee. Now it’s time to add something with a little flair and personality. The Superior Gang’s longsleeve crewneck collection is ideal for cool summer evenings. Some of our favorites include this Trippy Pac crewneck, this Bad Gyal RiRi crewneck, and this Biggie Smalls Dream$ crewneck. These crewnecks are the epitome of hip hop sweatshirts and urban apparel, and are a must-have in every fly guy’s closet.

Cool Tank

If you’re going to be spending some time in the sun, a cool tank is the way to go. A farmer’s tan doesn’t look good on anyone, and besides, it’s an excuse to show off any work you’ve been putting in at the gym. We suggest this curved hem tank that comes in nine colors and patterns (our favorite is the red and white stripes that will have the ladies asking, “Where’s Waldo’s abs?”)

Slim-fit Joggers

Joggers have long been a staple around the house, but now it’s time to wear these comfy pants in public. Thanks to recent trends, joggers are now available in slim, fitted styles that will make you look put together, but casual and athletic.

Dope Sneakers 

A while ago, we discussed The Superior Gang’s top selling urban sneakers. Those trends are still on point, and every guy needs a good pair of kicks. If you outfit is dope but your shoes are lame, it’s going to make you look sloppy. Freshen up with a pair of Air Huaraches or Yeezys to make sure you are styling from head to toe.

Fly Hat

Speaking of styling from head to toe, we can’t forget about a cool hat. Sunburns on your face aren’t fly, and if you leave the beach looking like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, then you made a mistake at some point. The Superior Gang has an abundance of hat options, but we particularly like this throwback Japanese Bucket Hat, and this Yeezus baseball cap that will keep you cool all summer.

The Superior Gang Is The Hip Hop Apparel Line You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re bored with the basic clothing you see at other stores, check out The Superior Gang’s entire line of urban clothing. We focus on creating dope apparel for men and women that is on trend and makes a statement. Check out the items listed above, or browse our entire selection of men’s clothing.