Six Rules To Keep Your Sneakers Looking Fresh

We know how exciting a fresh pair of sneakers are, trust us. But before you throw your new kicks on, read this short guide for how to keep new sneakers in top condition. Superior Gang carries all of your favorite urban sneakers lines, from Nike Roshe to custom Yeezys. When you get your hands on a pair of these exclusive shoes, you better be prepared to take care of them. Thankfully, you probably already have everything you need in your house.

Here are six rules for keeping new sneakers looking fresh:

  1. Clean them: This one should be obvious, but you wouldn’t imagine how many people buy a pair of fresh white kicks and NEVER clean them. In our opinion, those people probably shouldn’t have bought those new White Roshe Runs in the first place. So what’s the best way to clean white sneakers? Use dish soap and make some warm, soapy water. Use a sponge or a rag to wipe down the entire shoe - you might have to scrub a little, especially on the base. Use an old toothbrush and the soapy water to get any tough spots.
  2. For the love of God, do not put your sneakers in the wash: We mean it. You just dropped $200 on new Yeezys and you’re going to throw them in the washing machine? Don’t even put old shoes in the wash! We know this is what your mom did when you were a kid and you’d come home from playing in the mud, but don’t. Just don’t.
  3. Freshen up your laces: If you’ve cleaned your shoes from top to bottom and they still just don’t look right, take a look at your laces. Laces should be hand washed in laundry detergent and warm water. If the stains won’t come out of white laces, you can soak them in five-parts warm water and one-part bleach. Too much bleach will turn them yellow, so be careful. If worst comes to worst, get new laces.
  4. Polish your sneakers: We don’t mean with shoe polish. If you are having trouble restoring your stark white kicks to pristine condition, you might need to touch up some tough scratches and stains on the base. Use some white nail polish to hide any flaws, just don’t go too crazy, and keep it off any fabric parts.
  5. Don’t wear them every day: We know you love your new shoes. There’s nothing better than finding a favorite pair of dope sneakers. But wearing them every day doesn’t give them a chance to rest. Besides, two favorite pairs of shoes are better than one. We suggest having at least one basic everyday shoe, and one that speaks a little louder. Ladies, check out these RiRi Creepers in a neutral shade, and these Barbie Pink Yeezys for when you want a little color. Fellas, might we suggest these Trophy Roshe Runs and these Custom Red Air Huaraches for when you want your kicks to pop.
  6. Keep them in the box: We don’t mean all the time - just when you aren’t wearing them. We’ve all been guilty of taking off our sneakers at the end of the day and throwing them in a corner - but this won’t keep them looking fly. Storing them in the box they came in will keep them clean, dust-free, and away from any shoe-damaging hazards.
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