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Let’s be real. Rocking killer outfits is more than a hobby. It’s a necessity. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a culture. But where do you find the freshest shirts and jackets? How do you cop the newest kicks? Welcome to Superior Gang. Here, we’re all about that life. We carry and sell today’s hottest urban hip hop apparel including shoes, jackets, T-shirts, swimsuits and more. All at the best prices, all exclusively for you. You don’t want to be left behind by the trends. Don’t be the one in the group with the weakest gear. Get the ‘fit. Get dope. Get Superior Gang.


Who We Are

Superior Gang was founded by the one and only Tony Solar who had one thing in mind: Provide our customers with the best quality products and service in a convenient way. Simply put, the Superior Gang provides Superior Apparel. We strive to be the best and are constantly innovating and updating our inventory. We’re home to the most custom and exclusive urban attire, dope apparel, exclusive shoes and more. Fellas, we know you want to look fresh for life. For you we carry the most unique hip hop tees and tanks, jackets, hoodies, windbreakers and more. You want it, we got it. And you’ll dig our designs from graphic designs to logos to hipster tees. Ladies, we know you’re trying to show out as the baddest girls out there. We got you. Rompers, oversized tees, RiRi graphic designs, crop tops, bikinis and swimsuits, dresses jackets and more. Don’t worry about someone copying your look, our unique designs and products will get you hooked up with an urban hip hop style all your own.


What We Offer

Is it dope? Is it exclusive? Is it new urban hip hop clothing? Then it’s Superior Apparel from Superior Gang. If you want it, we got it. In addition to our fresh and exclusive clothing, we also carry exclusive shoes and runners in a variety of styles and colors that will help you complete your outfits. Here are a few of our exclusive shoe offerings:

  • Custom Yeezys: Yeah we said it. We give you exclusive access to the hottest kicks out there. With a light threaded material and comfortable foam soles, these are the most demanded and most comfortable exclusive shoe. Shop the 350 Oxford Tan, Pirate Black, Camo Yeezy, or custom Barbie Pink and Barney Kush exclusives. We have Yeezy sneakers for women and men. Get them while they’re hot.
  • Roshe runners: Lavish and comfortable, our Roshe selection will have you running out for more. One of the top selling runner shoes on the market, we have the most exclusive and cool styles and colors. Check out our Oreo Roshe, Blue Sky, Tie-Dye, Sunrise, Sunset, Floral runs and more.
  • Dope socks: Nothing says fresh like a pair of hip hop socks.
  • Hats: Yeezus and 6God dad hats, bucket hats, beanies and more.
  • Jewelry: Grills. Chains. Rings. Bracelets. You have to have some bling to complete the ‘fit.

We are constantly updating our urban hip hop apparel and offerings. Don’t be a dope. Just be dope. Shop our Superior Gang apparel today.