When it comes to style, accessories are the one thing you can count on to show your unique style. The Superior Apparel feels no differently, which is why we have a large collection of women’s and men’s accessories online.

Necklaces and Chains

The Superior Apparel has the classiest gold jewelry. Both men and women can find a necklace that fits his or her style. There is a large selection of differently sized gold cuban chains. Some have beautiful Jesus, angel, or cross pendants, while others have more unique pendants like “The Plug”, a gold bar, an onyx gem, an Uzi or a machine gun, an American Rebel (the Statue of Liberty repping a bandana), or the indian chief, just to name a few. We also have hip hop accessories with favorite sayings, such as “Trust No Man”, “Trust No BTCH”, “Love”, “Faith”, and “Boss” to name a few. Give your best friend the necklace that describes your relationship when your own words can’t. Give your best friend dope accessories that say “Partners in Crime” or “Best Friend”.

Bracelets and Watches

Get the dope on your wrist from The Superior Apparel. Our most popular gold chains don’t have to hang alone around your neck. Pair them with our other dope accessories when you get a gold cuban bracelet. And once you have a bracelet on one wrist, you’ll want to wear a classic, vintage, LED gold or silver watch because we all know it’s not cool to be late.


Hip hop accessories aren’t complete without a few rings lacing your fingers. For starters, the 5 Piece Geometric Ring Set is a hot style that includes five different rings, including some half-finger rings. Now, it’s time to get serious. If there’s one thing we care about in The Superior Gang it’s gold and diamonds for days. We wear nothing less than the 18k Royal Crown Diamond Ring, the Gold Indian Chief Ring, the Chunky 24K Ring, or the 24K Jesus Piece Ring.

Everything Else

We don’t stop at the basic hip hop accessories. Shop at The Superior Apparel for wallets, face masks, backpacks, hats, and gold grills and half grills. When you find the necklace, chain, bracelet, watch, ring, or other accessory that you need, count on The Superior Apparel to pay for the shipping. That’s right. All orders get free shipping.