Top of your hip hop wear with one of these unique hats from The Superior Apparel. When it comes to women’s and men’s accessories online, nothing can beat these unique designs and must-have styles found in our hip hop accessories collection.

Our exclusive, unique hats come in many different styles. Beanies, baseball hats, and bucket hats are the Three Bs that make up most of our collection.


OBEY your style and rep this beanie in either solid black with a red block that features the OBEY slogan in white, or select the solid red hat with the OBEY slogan in white letters as a reminder to OBEY yourself in all of your self-empowered greatness. We also have a hilariously great black beanie that says “I Wanna f*ck Rihanna” because who doesn’t?

Baseball Hats

Cap off your style with a Yeezus baseball hat in grey, black, green, or pink. These hats look great when you rock a jumpsuit to the gym or are out during a casual windy day to help keep your style on point and your wild mane contained. While you’re at it, you may as well stock up on our other unique hats, such as the Rose Dad Hat, the Woes Baseball Hat (available in white or pink), the Yzy Bear Dad Hat, and the 6GOD Baseball Cap.

Bucket Hats

Kick it old school without breaking trend when you rep a bucket hat from The Superior Apparel. From Parental Advisory to BABYGIRL designs, The Superior Apparel knows how to help you dress with flavor. Why not add a Japanese bucket hat to your collection while you’re at it? All of these exclusive, unique hats from our hip hop store are available online and come with free shipping. So shop now!