Dope Apparel: Women's Urban Leggings


There’s no secret that leggings are the most comfortable hip hop bottoms a woman can wear. Whether you’re the type who likes to rock your urban leggings out for a casual day of shopping, lunch with friends, or to the office with the right top or the type of woman who has the best leggings at the gym, you can find a style that suits you at The Superior Apparel.

Some of our favorite styles include our Little Mermaid Leggings, Tetris Leggings, Biggie Smalls Leggings, Money Leggings, and the Parental Advisory Leggings just to name a few. Sometimes though, especially when it’s time to disguise leggings as pants for the day, it’s important to have solid colored leggings in your hip hop wear collection. At The Superior Apparel, women can find leggings in beige, black, brown, burgundy, coral, fuchsia, grey, lime green, navy blue, purple, royal blue, red, white, and teal.

All of the leggings at The Superior Apparel are one size fits all.

Alongside the sexy urban leggings we have at The Superior Apparel are our one piece rompers. Choose from a short romper bodysuit in burgundy, pink, hot pink, green, gray, or black. The short romper has a tank top style strap and stops just before the knee. We also have a full length one piece jumpsuit that features the same tank top style strap but goes all the way down the leg and stops at the ankle. This jumpsuit comes in black, white, red, green, and burgundy. Our one piece rompers come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.

If comfort and style are your two priorities for buying clothes, you won’t be disappointed with your choices in our urban leggings collection at The Superior Apparel. All purchases get free shipping, so start shopping now to spice up your hip hop wear!