Clothes don’t have to just be functional. What fun is that? Dare to wear your personality and style with these hip hop tees from The Superior Apparel. One of the best parts of our urban clothing lines is the uniqueness. From music to sports, science, and funky patterns, you can count on The Superior Apparel to have a hip hop top for you.

Hip hop style is more than just the clothes you wear. It’s how you express yourself. Your shirt can say a lot about your attitude. If you’re anything like us, your attitude may change each day - so you better stock up on a lot of different styles so you’re ready for whatever hits as soon as you roll out of bed.

For days you’re feeling sporty, you can rep the Chicago Tanktop with the classic 23 showing boldly on beautiful red roses. We also have the 66 Snake Pattern Jersey T or the Angry Bull printed in a 3D look on a comfy hip hop tee. Not a Bulls fan? Don’t worry; Steph Curry makes an appearance too.

For days when you feel like you just can’t with the world, pull on the Lazy Homer Galaxy Crewneck that features the classic white swoosh logo with a napping homer and the saying, “Can’t someone else just do it?”

Take a stroll down trippy road with Abstract Thinker T-shirt that shows some person working hard with an explosion of 3D color bursting from their head or an Einstein T-shirt with Albert making a fool’s face at whomever takes a look in your direction. Trippy road wouldn’t be complete without Trippie Wolf T-Shirt that looks like the fierce wolf head is superimposed directly into a colorful galaxy.

Rep the true hip hop style with the music hip hop tees. We have Biggie, RiRi, A$AP, Tupac, Fresh Prince, Iron Maiden, and Kanye to name a few of our favorites.

You won’t get bored shopping at The Superior Apparel. To make it better, though, we offer free shipping on all orders!