There is nothing more fun and fierce than a good pair of dope socks. If you have to head to work on that basic 9-5 wearing those business slacks and a classy-ass button down shirt, you may as well have some fun where your boss can’t see… we’re talking about your socks. The wild socks we have in our collection at The Superior Apparel aren’t just for making work a little more pleasurable, though. These tall socks can be worn while you’re ballin’ on the court, hanging out with friends, or just chillin’ at home.

Let’s start with some of our favorite styles. We wouldn’t be who we are today without Tupac. This icon deserves nothing less than to be worn around with us everywhere we go. Our 2Pac Thug Life Socks are a picture of Tupac (shirtless, indeed) wearing an American flag bandana. We also love the iconic Marilyn Monroe, but our Trill Marilyn Socks are not the stereotypical Hollywood version we see on posters. This Marilyn has gone hip hop. She has tattoos all over her face and chest and is showing her gold dimepiece chain.

Let’s get weird now with our Killer Shark Socks and Skeleton Socks. The Shark Socks have the iconic great white tooth from Jaws yearning for a bite to eat on the lovely woman swimming at the hem line on the calf. The Skeleton Socks look like you’ve got on nothing else - not even skin, tissue, or muscle. Just bone, baby. It’s like you have x-ray vision when you put on these dope socks.

Now it’s time for the Parental Advisory Socks. Not only do we actually have Parental Advisory Explicit Content socks that look just like the black and white warning we all wanted to disobey so badly as teens, but we have socks that may make your mom question what you’re up to this evening. Think: Mob Pillz Socks, Weed Makes Me Smile Socks, Dank Kush Socks, Gun Play Socks, and United States of Marijuana Socks.

Shop at The Superior Apparel for the dope hip hop socks you won’t want to take off your feet. All of our socks are $18/pair and come with free shipping.